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"Your One Stop Source" For your cleanroom consumable needs , we manufacture Wipes, Tacky Mats/Tacky Rollers, Face Masks, Goggles, Documentations, Mop Heads, Frames and Handles. As a manufacturer, we are able to customize most products to meet our customers’ unique requirements. We also offer Validated Sterile Wipes, Face Masks, Coveralls, and Gas-filled Vials for your needs in Aseptic environments.
OSS Technology

For your cleanroom consumable requirements, we manufacture Wipers, Facemasks, Documentation peripherals, Goggles, Mop Heads, Frames and Handles and Tacky mats. We can customize based on your requirement.

We also offer Validated Sterile Wipers, Facemasks, Coveralls, Gas-filled Vials and Disinfectants for your requirements in Aseptic environment.

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