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KF94 Respirator, 4-Ply, Cleancare (Korea MFDS Approved)

Personal Protective Equipment
Product Information
Cleancare KF94 mask is a Fine Dust & Hygiene Mask which is equivalent to an N95 mask. N and KF denotes rating by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and KMFDS (The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety), respectively.

KMFDS is Korea's agency who rates masks, similar to NIOSH. The number represents the percentage of particles prevented by the mask. This mask is effective in prevention of PM2.5 air particles - particles which are lower than 2.5 micron in size with a particle filter efficiency of greater than 94%.

Cleancare KF94 is similar to NIOSH N95 and also similar to EU EN149 FFP2 respirators.
Product Features
  • High efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), particle filter efficiency is greater than 94%
  • 3D Cubic design with Nose support wire which keeps glasses free of fogging
  • Composed of 4-layers of filter for protection: Outer and middle layers are made of Non-woven Spunbond Polypropylene (SBPP), Inner layer of hypoallergenic SBPP fabric for sensitive skin and Filter material made of non-woven Meltblown Polypropylene (MBPP)
  • Comes with an earband made of Nylon and a Polyvinyl Chloride Steel wire as nose piece
  • KF94 is approved by The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KMFDS)
Order Information
Cleancare KF94
7.0 kg/case, 56cm x 52cm x 30cm
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