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Pre-Saturated Non-woven CP Wipes

Presaturated Wipes
70%IPA, 30%DI CP Wipes
68gsm, PN: WIP-CP-PS70I30D-68
Product Information
CP-PS70I30D-68 is a presaturated nonwoven cellulose/polyester wiper that is available and packed in zip-lock bags and pouches. The wiper is manufactured utilizing blended 70% IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and 30% Deionized Water (DIW) solution.
Product Features
  • Fiber blend (55% cellulose, 45% polyester)
  • Resealable pouches prevent solvents from evaporation
  • Provides faster, more effective and accurate cleaning than the alternative dry wipes which are manually applied with alcohol or other cleaning liquids at work stations.
  • Available also in sterile form
  • Excellent wiper for less critical applications
  • Suitable for cleaning of exterior equipment in production environments
  • Designed for general cleaning in Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries.
Order Information
Product Number
9"x9", 70%Semiconductor grade IPA
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