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Mop Covers & Frames
Cellulose Polyester Mop Head
PN: MOP-CP68-40x13
Product Information
The CP-Mop is an economical mop made of Nonwoven cellulose/polyester material.
Product Features
  • This mop is excellent for spill control, general cleanup and drying wall and ceiling surfaces.
  • Changing of this mop head is quick and easy. It is designed to slip on and off the mop frame, yet remain secure while in use.
  • It is also lightweight, with non-abrasive surface, good durability and can be used easily in hard to access areas.
  • Availble in Sterile form: Gamma Irradiated
Order Information
Product Number
40cmx13cm, 5 layers of 68gsm cp material inner layer, 68gsm cp material outer layer. *Customizable based on your requirements
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