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40x Autoclavable Goggles with Anti-fog and Anti-scratch

Cleanroom Goggles
Autoclavable, Cleanroom Goggles
Product Information
These are goggles for use in rooms with controlled contamination such as sterile and clean rooms and working in aseptic conditions which includes, but not limited to chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic industries or hospital laboratories.

These goggles are developed to withstand multiple autoclave sterilization without perceptible alterations. The careful design allows a long time use and maximum transpiration, providing large field of view and use over all prescription glasses.
Product Features
  • Sterilizable in autoclave in steam.
  • Lens, Frame and Band can withstand 40 cycles of autoclave (121'C, 110kPa, 30mins exposure time)
  • Lens are Replaceable
  • Frame made of thermoplastic rubber which makes it stable even with multiple sterilization
  • Wide panaromic field of vision made of impact-rated polycarbonate, premium anti-fog lens
  • Indirect ventilation on top of goggles to protect against chemical splashes
  • Compatible or can fit over most prescription glasses
  • Meets Safety glass standard of EN166 34BT
Order Information
Part Number
Comes with non-allergic 24mm wide strap
Comes with a snap-on clip
1 pc/bag
1 pc/bag
50 bags/case
50 bags/case
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