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Donations of Face masks and Respirators to NGO

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Donations of Face masks and Respirators to NGO

In the midst of the pandemic, OSS Technology Co., Ltd. has been reaching out to several Non-Government Organization (NGO) in different countries to offer help by donating face masks and respirators which can aid the fight with CoVID-19.

OSS Technology has successfully donated face masks and respirators to below list of NGOs in different countries:

  1. Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation (Ohio, USA)
  2. Breath for Humanity (Ohio, USA)
  3. Water and Healthcare Foundation (Cambodia)
  4. Taiping District Health Department (Malaysia)
  5. Taiping District Hospital (Malaysia)
  6. Assunta Hospital (Malaysia)
  7. Beacon Hospital (Malaysia)
  8. Tung Shin Hospital (Malaysia)
  9. Fo Guang Shan (Malaysia)
  10. Alps Medical Centre (Malaysia)
  11. VOV International Co. Ltd (Thailand)
  12. Song Foundation (Vietnam)
  13. Mekong One (Vietnam)
  14. Young Life Ltd (Hong Kong)

These NGOs are in-charge for the distribution of essential supplies, not just in their country but also to other countries that have higher CoVID-19 cases and are deeply in need of help and support.

Please refer to our “Certificates” section to see the acceptance letters from these NGOs.

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